Welcome to SmartFRAME SkillDB

Welcome to the SMART FRAME company contact database. This database will provide you with useful information about other companies, potential collaboration partners or research opportunities.

SMART FRAME is a project that creates a dynamic network by connecting partners from several European countries. The outcome will be a sustainable transnational network that evokes R&D projects as well as new jobs in the touched high technology areas.

The database is a common platform which provides an opportunity for storing profiles of participants and aims at building a community of actors from R&D, intermediaries and industry. 

The main objective of the database is to be a transnational know-how platform for exchange of intermediary know-how and therefore aims at developing a “big picture” about the challenges in the five defined technology fields and creating a joint basis for implementation of enhanced technologies in SMEs. The five SMART FRAME technology fields are:

  • Materials
  • Surfaces
  • Processes
  • Sensor-actors
  • Integration of these four.

The SMART FRAME database aims at being a central point of contact for companies in the region. The available knowledge about the SMART FRAME technologies Materials, Surfaces, Processes, Sensor-actors and System integration should become visible. This results not only in competence profiles for further research projects but also in industrial collaborations.

How to use the database

In this database, you can either enter your contact data by clicking on the button on top (“Add new organisation”) or search for another organisation by clicking on the button right beside it (“Search”). The procedure of adding your organisation consists of six steps you have to navigate through by clicking next>> at the bottom of the site. Of course you can also navigate backwards by clicking <<prev step or navigate to the first step by clicking << <first step. The retrieval consists of two different functions, the full text search and the extended search. After clicking on the Search button you will get the full text search. By clicking on the link Extended search you will get a much more precise search option.